Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot

Mega Moolah is an iconic slot jackpot game. More popularly known as Millionaire Maker, the progressive jackpot on this slot game has changed the lives of thousands of casino players. Hippozino Casino offers players a chance to take a spin of the reels on this World Record Slot Jackpot game. Mega Moolah is currently the most prominent online slot jackpot.

Biggest Mega Moolah Jackpot Wins

Mega Moolah Jackpot is the premier slot jackpot game online and boasts the previous world record slot jackpot pay-out. It paid out a £13,213,838.68 prize to a British soldier in October 2015. A lucky soldier picked up all of this Moolah from a 25 pence per line bet. That made it a £2.50 bet in total. 

 Mega Moolah does pay out large and often in comparison, to other online slot jackpots.  It is one of the reasons for the game being called Millionaire Maker well before the lottery version appeared on the scene. With a Million Pound prize a minimum in the Mega part of the jackpot, and good RTP, this high variance slot is famous for a reason.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Prize Levels

There are four different progressive jackpot levels available to win on the Mega Moolah Slot game. The first of these and the smallest is the mini jackpot; the next one up is the minor jackpot. The Major Jackpot is where the prize money gets really big, and the Mega Jackpot is what all players dream of winning.

How to Win a Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot

The only way to win the Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot is by playing a Mega Moolah slot game. The rest is down to the Gods of the Savannah and the Wild Animals that inhabit these plains. 

In other words, luck plays a large part in whether you win any of the four Mega Moolah Jackpot prizes. Mega Moolah does pay out often and large in comparison to other slot jackpot games. 

Minimum Jackpot Win

The minimum win on the slot is dependant on the level of the progressive jackpot. What everyone is targeting though is the Mega part of the Jackpot. The minimum payout on the Mega level is worth £1 Million Pounds. This part of the jackpot pays out often and large hence the reference to Millionaire Maker as online slots is a solo game. A spin of the reels is all it could take to end up with over £1 Million Pounds.

How Progressive Slot Games Work

There are highly rated progressive slot games at Hippozino Casino and they all for the most part work in the same way. Trigger a jackpot round with certain reel combinations. Usually getting three bonus symbols during a single spin will trigger it. Players get transported to a bonus round. It is where the level of the progressive jackpot round is determined. Mini, Midi Major and Mega are the levels of a progressive jackpot.

Does Wagering Higher Play A Part

All jackpot slot games at Hippozino Casino are licensed and undergo extensive software testing and licensing. Online Slots are a game of chance and therefore betting with higher wager amounts is not the secret for launching a Mega Bonus round. A £2,50 wager was enough for a British soldier to win over £13 Million on Mega Moolah. Wagering higher does mean more significant wins when you do hit a combination. It can also mean losing your play balance in record time as well.

Playing to Win?

If you are playing jackpot slot games to win, we recommend that you stop. These type of games should be for entertainment only, and you should use what you can afford. It is tempting to have another go and just a few more spins, but it can eat away at a balance. A random number generator determines all Slot game payouts. That means it is the same as playing on a Vegas Strip Slot game. If fortune does smile on you, be grateful and accept it. Hippozino Casino is UK Licensed which means we place player safety first.

What Does Player Safety Mean

UK Gambling Commission rules stipulate a specific code of conduct, and we enforce these rulings strictly. Read more about our Player Safety Terms on the site. Please Play Responsibly and for entertainment purposes. If you feel you have or are developing a problem, please contact Be Gamble Aware Here.

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