”Welcome to my place , i am a hippo, and i am proud of it”
"Life is a game, lucky i like to play"
”It's good to be lucky, and lucky to be good”
”I've folded more hands than an undertaker”
”Today is a good day to win...i can feel it”
”Take it easy..soon it might be hectic listen to Åsa
”Dogs have masters. Hippos have staff”
”My friend Urban told me that Lars is on a winning streak”
”Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes?”
”It’s true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?”
top games
In the year 1991, Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 captivated audiences the world over when it rode to the rescue of humanity's saviour, John Connor. Now, the same make and model of machine has a new mission. Terminator 2™ is destined to become one of our biggest, most explosive slots of all time.
Journey to a mystical world far, far away where knights defend kingdoms, magic creeps through enchanted forests, and the forces of good and evil clash like never before. Welcome to Avalon, where fortune favours the brave, and the bravest take it all.
Themed on vampires, Immortal Romance is an exciting slots game that features all myths about the secret world of vampires. This is more than just a basic slots game as it has loads of features including the bonus feature The Chamber of Spins. Follow the lives of Sarah, Michael, Troy and Amber to discover the truth about this immortal world.
This factory has nothing to do with candy (unless you think gold bars and coins are sweet) and just when you thought Charlie couldn’t get any more dweebie, dweebie just got worse; but with a possible 619,000 coin bonus round or 519,000 coins in the free spins round this factory is more than open for business.
Racing for Pinks is an Video Slot with a 5x3 Reel, 243 Way Slot, with Scatter and Wild features. Bonus Race with the chance of winning up to 175x total bet.
Win big in the beautiful game! Go for goal! With Rolling ReelsTM, Stacked Wilds and a Shootout Striker Bonus
Don your surgical mask, arm yourself with bleach and head into the isolation room of the Germinator to match up as many of those pesky germs as possible to win big prizes. Better still, find the Medi-Bonus Capsule and destroy the germs that stand in the way of you and your prize!
Indulge with the luxury lifestyle synonymous with Playboy, with a five-reel 243 ways-to-win video slot. The games hand-painted graphics have been combined with an original musical composition to complement the Playboy brand. Players are guided through the free-spin feature by a series of girls, starting with Kimi and moving on to meet Sofia, Ashley and finally Jillian.
5 Reel, 25 Payline Slot Machine. Wild Symbol: Wildcat symbol. Appears on Reels 2 and 4. Substitutes for all except scattered Pawprints. Scatter Symbol: Pawprint. Can appear on any reel. 2 or more triggers a win. Three or more scattered Pawprints trigger the free spins round. Pawprint wins are multiplied by total bet.
Welcome to the Jungle, we've got slots and reels! In this jungle themed slot game, that is bursting with beautiful hand drawn graphics, If you line up 5 elephants and hit jackpot, you'll be King of the Jungle!
This state-of-the-art slot machine throws the player right into the ancient world of the Olympians. Travel to Mount Olympus and join Zeus in his epic battle against Hades. Help the mighty gods like Poseidon, Aphrodite or Ares to strike back and banish Hades once and for all.
This version of Jacks or Better poker is perfect for those wanting to brush up on their poker skills in the easiest way possible. Also, you can win double bonuses in this classic online poker game, when you score Jacks or Better